A-Mount IS Dead : Long Live A-Mount

Great things come to an end, Game of Thrones did (badly), the petroleum based combustion engine is being read its last rights, and then we come to Sony A-Mount range which was swept under the carpet long ago.

However around January this year B & H discontinued the a99II and all the other cameras in Sony’s A-Mount portfolio but no word from Sony came forth, pretty much how they have been since the launch of the a99II back in 2016.


Until now, A-Mount is dead.


Sony killed off any hope of a new camera and glass by ending their listing or even acknowledgement of A-Mount from their web store.

It’s a shame this platform was left to die, I’m sure there are some technical reasons but it had plenty going for it, the grandfather of EVF, fully articulated rear screen and perfect handling. I still miss my old a99II and while it had issues with a poor sync port, which collapsed into the camera more times than I care to remember and rear screen that turned on with the camera 80% of the time. It did serve me very well.

I had the a99 before it and that took a hell of a beating and was almost unrecognizable by the time it was sold on to it’s new owner. The a99II did not suffer so badly but it did hold its value really well. 


Goodbye A-Mount, it’s been emotional.


A-Mount Discontinued

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