Planet Instagram : Charleston Edition

Instagram has been such a revelation in getting images out in front of millions of people, the birth of the influancer and brands getting cheap advertising also finding their way to new eyes and ways to make money.

What happened to the guy who just liked to take pictures ? Well this is what this is all about. I will be selecting a few locations around the world with peoples shots that are maybe using Instagram for enjoyment and recognition from their peers (there may even be the odd mobile phone shot sneaking in if it’s good). The odd pro maybe featured from time to time too.

I will only be writing about locations I have visited, even if its only in passing to get to somewhere else. So come with me for a trip around the world with weekly updates of three locations you will want to visit.

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Boneyard Beach aka Bulls Island

Charleston is a city with a huge range of places to visit with architecture that’s seen in few places across the US and some natural beauty that is rarely matched.

Bulls Island is no exception, you have to get there early to avoid the tourists that may get in your shot and just as the gates open which is around 30-60mins before sunrise. It’s well worth the trip with the dead trees that lay throughout the beach it’s a composition playground for photographers.

Take rubber boots and bug spray as well as using a waterproof camera bag where possible.

Once done here there are a tonne of other beaches to explore between the city and Folly Beach which is just a few miles east of here.


No visit to Charleston is complete with a visit to Rainbow Row which get’s it’s name from the houses being multi colored. It’s a great spectacle especially during golden hour when the colors really pop.

Be warned this location is a tourist hot spot so you have to either get there early or be inventive with composition like Rachel & Ellis have here.

Once done take a walk in an east to west and back again direction to find the many many hidden gems in this city packed with architecture that will leave you excited to see whats round the corner. I truly love Charleston for it’s beautiful buildings, door ways, gates and gardens.

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Happy New Year Charleston! 🎉Cheers to a new decade 🥂

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Angel Oak Tree

This tree is amazing to see in person, Angle Oak Tree is over 500 years old and despite being located on John’s Island, the Angel Oak has come to symbolize Charleston in many ways.

Another go early situation as it’s super popular.

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