Why You Should Be Road Trippin’ in 2021

So as we live though the “new normal” we have started to find ways to both travel and get outside to enjoy ourselves again, after months of lock down. I do wonder how future generations will feel about it all while having so many documented images and words to read via the gift of the internet, the great COVID plague of 2019, hummmm anyway I digress. However we are living through it and for now we need to adapt how we work and play as photographers.

Some people were creating TikTok videos of how they were coping with the boredom of being at home 24/7, some still traveled which I think was super irresponsible. What did I do ? Well I invented a new photography challenge road trip game called Camera Caper. Yes an invention, with patents and stuff to buy in an app. How very Dragons Den / Shark Tank of me and while I’m not ruling out a visit to either studio I do hope it catches on.

Staycation Road Trips

This isn’t a vanity project, far from it but I was thinking about how us, the photographer community are going to cope without being able to jump on planes and going wherever we want. Well let me walk that back a little, you can still do those things but you might feel uncomfortable doing so. I 100% fall into this category.

The general idea of Camera Caper is going on a road trip, one you have already decided on the rough route or maybe one you haven’t. Then letting lady luck decide where you go and what to photograph along the way. Challenges could range from something easy to find but you have to think creatively on how to shoot it, or the complex hard to find or reach places. Scores are totaled from the challenges completed (or not) and it;s fun to play in groups, teams or even alone. But I didn’t want to just create a photography challenge game, I wanted to make it a little educational too and accessible to everyone.

We can’t ignore the fact road trips will be the #1 method or type of vacation Americans will have in 2021. And, having something to keep the photographers among us happy while we travel across the country can only be a good thing. All avoiding the COVID hotbeds of airports, airplanes and having to sit in confined spaces with complete strangers. No thanks.

Let's Make Challenges

Physical cards are already designed and on their way to the printers ready for Kickstarter which hopefully will start in the next few weeks. So next on my list is making the app, and while I embark on making its photography challenges I need some help.

What are your favorite things to photograph while traveling ? Are there certain locations and places you like to visit ? Have a waterfall fetish I need to hear about, well within reason unless its not weird of course. I’m getting some great suggestions over the last few months since Camera Caper was launched but I really want to make this a community driven project too.

Post your ideas below or join the community camera caper forums and let us know directly. You can order your physical Camera Caper Card Set right now before we launch on Kickstarter this year.

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