Planet Instagram : Chicago Edition

Instagram has been such a revelation in getting images out in front of millions of people, the birth of the influancer and brands getting cheap advertising also finding their way to new eyes and ways to make money.

What happened to the guy who just liked to take pictures ? Well this is what this is all about. I will be selecting a few locations around the world with peoples shots that are maybe using Instagram for enjoyment and recognition from their peers (there may even be the odd mobile phone shot sneaking in if it’s good). The odd pro maybe featured from time to time too.

I will only be writing about locations I have visited, even if its only in passing to get to somewhere else. So come with me for a trip around the world with weekly updates of three locations you will want to visit.

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Chicago is one of my favorite large cities in the US, it has everything you need. From the great food, architecture to, of course Lake Michigan.

However no visit to the Windy City can go without a visit to Navy Pier, the 1,300ft Willis Tower and the Cloud Gate which was designed by a British Indian called Anish Kapoor.

While roaming the streets you will also find the many of the locations used in the movie Batman : The Dark Knight you can see them all here as way too many to list on this site. Still some great locations to find and recreate some shots from the movie right here in Chi-Town.

This shot below was taken from Navy Pier of the many tall ships that go out onto the lake at sunset, the sun sets behind the lighthouse and the Willis Tower. Worth heading out on.

Freezing City

The weather can get quite gnarly in the winter time but don’t let that stop you from heading out and creating some amazing images.

Like the Hudson here in NYC, Lake Michigan freezes over giving you some amazing possibilities to capture the city. Chris does an awesome job of getting the sheer size of the ice as itโ€™s breaking up with the tide.

I love this shot, thanks for letting me share this with my audience.

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