Protect Your Camera Gear From COVID19

If like me you have had lots of your commercial work delayed to later this year or indefinitely you still want to be able to work safely and adhering to safety guidelines.

Wearing a face mask, gloves, and social distancing may keep your initial contact safe but what about your gear? Your camera, mobile phone and pretty much anything with a shiny flat metal, plastic, or hard surface can hold the virus long enough for you to lower your guard when you get home only to spread the virus to your fingers and onwards with anything else you touch. The CDC website recommends putting a cover on all electronics. Read more on that here (

Protect Your Gear From COVID19
New York During COVID19 Shut Down

COVID19 Protection

Consider this, you have taken every precaution to protect yourself, family and colleagues from COVID19 and somehow the surface of your camera comes into contact with a less than considerate passer-by or another surface that’s been infected.

Without cleaning every square inch of your camera which can be a challenge considering how many buttons, dials, screens and such let’s face it can be difficult to clean. To rub salt into the wound your local camera store is closed for cleaning your gear too.

While pretty much everyone should be protecting their gear at this time, it’s those reporting on the front line, the photojournalists working for news outlets that should be considering gear protection against COVID19.

I’ve used hermetic housings before, and thought they may help protect me in such environments, so I contacted Outex to learn more. Turns out the Outex camera protection system is ideal. The FBI and other government agencies have a history of using Outex camera housing to maintain the integrity of crime-scene investigations to prevent cameras from introducing contagion on the scene. And obviously that level of protection works both ways. Outex covers completely to protect your gear even when you’re in highly infectious environments, such as hospitals, testing centers, and other densely populated testing and treatment centers.

Plus it’s easy to wash after you have used it, even with your camera safely inside.

Stay safe out there.

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