Sony Kando Trip 3.0 : Oregon

If you missed last years Sony Kando 2.0 Trip then you can have a chance to go to this years (2019) Kando 3.0 event held during August in Oregon, while the sign ups are not live yet the notification system is ready to go.

Last year was a fantastic event which I really enjoyed and there are a tonne of reasons why you should experience Kando as well, with so many classes, seminars and fun things to do you will leave exhausted but fulfilled with knowledge and a few more friends than when you went. It was well worth the slog over to California from New York City.

You will get a chance to meet with some of your favorite Sony Artisans of which there are many that attend, plus many field trips around the local area as well (if Kando 2.0 was anything to go by). I have zero insider knowledge on what will happen in Kando 3.0, so I’ll be applying just like you to find out.

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