The Grumpy Podographer Podcast Is LIVE

Our brand new podcast is now LIVE and maybe you’re wondering what’s it all about ?!

We decided to make this podcast for a few reasons. One being we couldn’t find anything else out there like it. Two we wanted to give those interested in becoming a photographer what’s it really like to work full time as a photographer.

Dan talks about lots of subjects like marketing, website and online promotion. Also shares his knowledge of working in New York and using alternative methods to get your work found and earn $$$.

Mick shares his experiences with wildlife photography and using field craft to get the best shots.

In our podcast we are not afraid to talk about issues, amusing stories where we failed to deliver or put into situations we may have been able to avoid. Plus we will try to debunk theories about professional life in a world where too many podcasts or YouTubers sugar coat the industry when, in reality its a difficult business to survive in if you’re not in the top 5%.

Mick Ryan and I have a tonne of great content lined up for the next 12 months or so we please feel free to follow us online on Facebook and Twitter as well as the website

Listen to our 30 min podcast episodes about all kinds of genres, topics and even poke fun at ourselves, peers and the photography industry. The only place where podcasting and photography collides with two grumpy photographers.

New episodes will arrive every two weeks on Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, iHeartRadio, TuneIn and Apple iTunes.

The Grumpy Podographer Podcast Is LIVE

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