Coronavirus Survival Guide for Photographers

So the Coronavirus is here to stay for a while at least punching every professional photographer in the wallet As I post this in mid March 2020 it would seem this virus will grip the world for another few months yet. There is no certainty your clients will be itching to give you money when it passes (if it does) this side of Christmas, therefore it’s a great time to work on your project pipeline and your own marketing during this Coronavirus driven downturn.

Let’s take a look at how you, the photographer, who earns money from their trade full time and how you can invest your downtime wisely.

Coronavirus Survival Guide for Photographers

Beating The Coronavirus : Work To Do Without Clients

Reducing your costs – take a look at all your outgoings, maybe this is a time to evaluate your advertising spend and how efficient they are. Look at various offers that may be in place as businesses start to compete for your hard earned cash. Sometimes when a “bear” market is incoming you could look at cutting some of the luxury costs you are incurring. It’s the first thing I do, especially as it’s something a busy photographer doesn’t have time to do typically.

Evaluate your pipeline – one thing many pro photographers forget to do is check where all their business is coming from. Has there been a shift or is there an opportunity among your contacts and acquaintances you could take advantage of. Pick up the phone, send an email, say “hi”. Get talking and while keeping your healthy electronic social distance you can still farm some work from contacts. Take advantage of every hand shake you have made in the last 12 months, under one of them is a deal to be had. 

Blog or get social – get your marketing campaigns refreshed with new ideas and new posts for the next year. Get topical and find trends to post about, I suspect you got here due to the coronavirus hitting and used a search term that was found in this very page, maybe marketing ideas for photographers or creative ways to market for photographers. You get the idea. Either way start posting relevant content and get articles in your media pipeline. 

Update your website / social media – is your website or social media headers looking a bit sad, old or tired ? Look back from your last 12 months and find some images that reflect your brand. LinkedIn is a great way to get new clients so give that a spring clean as well, get a new header, update your profile to reflect your current job in your title. Go a step further and follow those you have a desire to connect with (partly point #2 as well) 

Test and clean your kit – my final suggestion to overcome the coronavirus stay at home blues is get all your gear out and test it. Check for broken leads, dodgy tethering cables and worst of all filthy sensors. It’s something I normally do during my slow time which is between November and February but I have that pesky Christmas and New Year that gets in the way. Something my beer head enjoys of course but my kit does not. Basic maintenance is one thing, testing all your kit is another. Go do it. Now. 


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